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XL9 Voted Best Infrared Heater

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Our independent testing of all diesel fired infrared heaters
on the market
found the XL9 to be the best available.
Heaters tested: Val6 KBE5S, KBE5L, EPX, V40, MiTM Infrared, Pinnacle Infrared Heaters, Biemmedue Infrared Heaters Fire 155.. etc...................

XL9S Heaters are Manufactured in Italy by MCS Italy SpA

The Infrared Advantage

Most heaters work by warming the air in the room. People in the room are warmed by the air. This not only wastes energy on warming up the air, but also you don’t feel the benefits of the heater as soon as it is switched on. It might take several minutes for a room to warm up.

Fuel Efficient Diesel Fired Infrared Heaters

Our infrared heaters work differently, they do not heat up the air they heat objects that are directly in its path, as a result people are warmed directly by the heater and not by blowing hot air much like the radiant heat from the sun. almost immediately after starting our portable infrared heaters you will feel the heat radiated from the parabolic dish. The fuel savings when using one of our oil fired infrared heaters verses the common inexpensive salamander or torpedo style forced air heaters can usually pay for the heater, additionally these quiet and clean burning nearly emission free heaters allow for a better working environment.

Bringing you more choices in oil fired infrared heaters

Please do not hesitate to call us if you would like help in selecting the best heater for your application.

Clean Burning Diesel Fired High Pressure Forced Air Heaters

We also offer clean burning forced air heaters, as well as indirect fired forced air heaters, if you don't see what you are looking for feel free to call us. 855 844-3095

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